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written by: Jaya Giri   |   Feb 28, 2018   |   580 views



We welcome you to the country of happy souls. No matters how busy the people may be, they always grasp the chance of giving you the wide bright smile and that is what you seek to brighten up your day. People of today need affection and tenderness. This is what you get from the country which is close to the heart of many.

Happiness Is A Choice Not A Result


A warm smile

Just think for a second, taking your mind off from your busy schedule, 'What makes you happy?'. This is the question you can only answer when you know yourself completely. It's tragic to see people running after material things overlooking the necessity of knowing yourself and what brings you happiness. The way people find pleasure is different, however they all agree that they prefer uniqueness, they feel delighted doing the things that no one has ever done before. Therefore, exploring a new destination to heal your soul or trying out a new cuisine to please your taste buds is the new trend. In this commercialized world, people neither have time for themselves or their people and thus those who seek attention feel isolated. The world is growing and neglecting the power of warm ambiance which is a must for the world of our dreams to come true.

A country of Altruism:


Outshining Peace

NEPAL- Never Ending Peace And Love, just as the name refers, it is a country where you feel inner peace and heartwarming hospitality. So, if you seek nature to relax your mind and soul and to find yourself, Nepal is the answer for you. People here in Nepal welcome you with a big smile with a big heart.  They worship their visitors as their gods and do as much as they can to please them. Therefore whoever has visited this beloved country has gone with lots of memories worth to be cherished.

"If Nepal doesn't bring a smile to your face every single day, you are a lost cause."

If you go to one of the home-stays and ask to spend the night, people don’t even hesitate and welcome you as one of their family members and make you feel like home. They serve you the best they can even if they are poor and some even hesitate to take the money you give for the service they offered, such a big-hearted people. In the middle of the trekking, if you felt like having a sip of tea and didn't see any hotels nearby and went to one of the local houses, they welcome you with a big smile and make the tea without feeling annoyed or judging you. These are the things which reflect the kindness of Nepalese people.

"Namaste", a word that pleases the soul:


Greeting with a wide smile

You will hear the word Namaste numerous times, from small children to elderly women and men greet strangers with a friendly hello followed by putting their hands together in a prayer while bowing their head.

"Namaste. It is a Nepalese greeting which means: The light in me bows to the light within you. - Jennifer Donnelly

You may encounter many friendly people while traveling, but you will never hear such a sweet gesture and never feel so loved. It is the culture of Nepalese that they will go out of their way and do whatever is suitable to make you feel comfortable. This is what Nepal is all about, love, affection, and generosity.



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