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written by: Jaya Giri Credit: Jina Thuya   |   May 15, 2018   |   798 views



What if you were a child and have to go to school or somewhere else like market without your parents in your own hometown for the very first time. Well, I guess you would probably feel uneasy, little scared and don’t understand how to deal with the situation. The same thing happens with you when you are in another country, where you want to meet people, feel their emotions, and enjoy their culture. And for that, you would likely to carry along the map and some information booklets but that is not enough to get the most out of the destination. Those papers just only let you know the places and its value. Whereas, any people who visit a particular place don’t just visit the place and know where it’s located but want to know the lifestyle, culture, tradition, festivals, cuisines, people, their practices, and beliefs. About which, booklets and even the internet can’t give satisfactory information. And there’s where a guide comes, a person who helps you to travel to the unfamiliar locations, playing the role as of your parents in an alien country. There are so many duties and responsibilities that a guide is obligated to perform. Besides that, having a guide during your trip really makes your trip effective as well as memorable.

Hereby, talking in the context of Nepal, guide plays an important role in your vacation. There are diverse cultures, ethnic communities, festivals, rituals and customs in Nepal that you get muddled in and it may ruin your peregrinate. Some of the points that show the benefits of having a guide along are listed below, which may inspire you to have a guide during your trip:



Security is that matter, which each and every traveler seeks during their trip and therefore would probably not prefer such places where an occurrence of criminal activities and natural calamities is often. Although there are fewer numbers of crimes in Nepal and is safe for women too, it will be better to have a guide with you, leading to a minimum chance of theft and other criminal activities. In addition, they are familiar with the weather conditions and the occurrence of natural calamities of the destination and as a result would be much safer being around the person that could be your lifesaver.

Getting to know the culture:


Image showcasing Nepalese Culture

When you prefer a guide for your trip, doesn’t matter whether you are trekking or in a city tour, you will get to understand the unique culture easily. Understanding people, their nature, culture, tradition, and customs has never been easy and therefore a helping hand is needed the most to be familiar with the uniqueness and to know every single detail without a mere confusion for you to fulfil your desire, which led you to the tour in the first place.

Shatter Language Barrier:


Language Barrier is one of the major problems to communicate smoothly with people of another country. Neither you get the meaning of what they say nor they understand you, which, in certain circumstances, create misunderstandings as well. In such situations, a guide comes to your rescue as he would be fully aware of both of the languages and as a result helps you understand the talks of others. Moreover, communicating with a guide is anyone’s cup of tea because they do have knowledge about your language, furthermore, about your culture. Thus, guides break the language barrier.

Right Directions:


Tourists trekking with their Guide

The detailed directions to the destination can be found in the maps of the region. Through which, you will know the route but the truth is unsure as the maps may have been made years ago and during the course of time the carved paths may have been altered. If you hire a guide, then there is no fear of off-course and getting lost in an unknown place. You will definitely reach the destination through the direct way or even through off roads and shortcuts as they know every nook and corner of the area and therefore can direct you in the best way.

Familiarize with Unique Customs:


Another thing about Nepal that makes every visitor confused and embarrassed is customs. Each and every indigenous community of Nepal has its own customs and traditions, which are totally different from each other. However, some common customs such as eating food from right hand only, saying no to beef, taking shoes off in the kitchen and temple are not familiar to visitors. Therefore, through the help of a guide, you can know such matters well, which create a rational relationship between visitors and local communities and avoid annoyance.

Experience Authentic Homestay:


Interior of one of the Home-stay

Another benefit of having a guide along is that you can easily experience the authentic homestay of Nepal. They are the best bridge, who let you get any homestay at the rural areas of Nepal that lets you live among the locals and get the authentic experience of their culture, tradition, rituals, beliefs and practices.

Efficient Knowledge:


You will definitely get significant knowledge when you travel with a guide. Guides most probably are the natives of the place or may have visited the destination numerous times and as a result know everything about the place, which they share during the trip. They can explain each and every subject details with facts that get you satisfied.

Once in a Lifetime Experience:


Experiences can be good or bad; all depends upon your choice and situations. Having a guide, it’s like finding a friend in an alien country, with whom you can share all your problems, interests, preferences and the things which you desire to perform in your trip. Besides that, the guide himself provides you with the chance to experience unique and crazy adventures that can be carried out in the particular area for your trip to be memorable.



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