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written by: Nick Abraham   |   Feb 28, 2018   |   541 views



Nepal is one of those countries that once you've been there you're always a part of it. Whilst you may physically leave your heart and your soul stay. You will never be able to shake the yearning to be surrounded by the white clouds and vastness of the snow-capped mountains. From entry into the country, you are greeted by nothing but sincerity and joy.


The beautiful monastery in Nar Phu Valley, Manaslu

You cannot walk 5 minutes without receiving at least 3 or 4 teas and you will never go hungry when it comes to lunch time as the trucks back up with rice onto your plate.

For me personally, this country has changed me forever. I came here to volunteer and live in Nepal for 3 months only but the sheer beauty of the country captured me from the very beginning. I was bound to it and lost in the serenity of the himalayas. Trekking is not something I have had the pleasure of doing a lot but when I do get the chance Im lost. Lost in the beauty, lost in the nature and lost in Nepal. In our worlds we are so connected in everyday life with all of our technologies but when I'm in the mountains I can't help but feel like in all reality back home I am disconnected from everything else and everyone.


Local woman greeting a guest

You cannot smile at anyone without people thinking the wrong thing, Everyone is always too busy to give time for you or even the simplest things always seem to complicated to allow time for. In Nepal going on the trekking trails it is always the complete opposite. Everyone has time for you, everyone smiles, everyone talks. You are surrounded by love every step of the way. You can be trekking for days in mountains and seeing crevices and valleys so deep you wonder if they would ever end. The sheer vastness and enormity of the mountains puts both life and your previous experiences into perspective. You cannot help but find a new appreciation for life high up in the clouds. You will always leave Nepal with a new fulfilled and enriched mindset because really once you are in Nepal you will always be in Nepal.  



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