Corporate Social Responsibility

Keeping Corporate Social Responsibility in our minds and adhering to the business ethics we have been contributing to society long before the inception of Swotah Travel and Adventure.

We believe that society should benefit from our activities. We aim to contribute to social equality by providing scholarships to the children of porters and villagers from the remote areas of Nepal. We earmark a portion (5%-10%) of the revenues from our trips for financing the education of children who would otherwise never be schooled. Please ask us about this project which is very dear to our hearts.  We have been conducting many charitable and noble programs to bring positivity in lives of many people.

Some of them are listed below:

  1. Child Sponsorship Programs in different schools of remote Nepal
  2. Yearly Sponsorship for the children of the porters
  3. Promoting homestay and local business
  4. Responsible tourism and cleanliness program
  5. Volunteering program for Dolphin research in Koshi Tappu and Karnali river

Scholarship 2017
Scholarship 2017

This year we provided scholarship to 5 students in total in two different schools in remote parts of Tanahun District.
Scholarship 2018
Scholarship 2018

Total amount spent on 2018 scholarship is $600. The amount was divided among 7 students. All other school materials such as school bags, globes, drawing books and pencils, set of notebooks, pens an ...(Continue Reading)

Swotah Scholarship 2019
Swotah Scholarship 2019

Here are some of the glimpses of Swotah Scholarship 2019.

Swotah has been able to give priority and continue the tradion of helping the students from remote villages even this year. The ...(Continue Reading)


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