Turquoise blue lakes, sparkling mountains and local monasteries, Tibet is peaceful and breathtaking at the same time. Despite the political situation and century of isolation, Tibet is opening up to venturesome travel in modern days.The infrastructure in Tibet has not developed significantly but the open doors for travelers in recent year has made food and lodging facilities frequently available. The elemental terrain Tibet lies on the height above 4000 meters, making it the roof of the world. Trek through this unseen terrain for the view of glittering mountains. Experience the thrill of climbing, trekking and adventure with an open heart and make a lifetime worthy trip in Tibet. The enchanting murmuring and the smell of these isolated monasteries alongside the taste of yak-butter tea and smile of old ladies in the monasteries will make you exuberant. This mystic kingdom of Tibet will allow you to embark on a spiritual journey that is fascinating and rejuvenating.

Regions in Tibet

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