Difficulty Level

  1. Grade (Easy): 

    The main focus of these trips is in and around cultural and historical places. In this level, the walking duration may be anywhere in between 2 hours to 5 hours in a day. This level is flexible and easy so anyone can be part of these trips. These trips can include lots of breaks and resting time as per your comfort and need. You will surely have a lot of fun on these trips and it will not be as tiring. You will get to understand the local communities of Nepal here.

  2. Grade (Moderate): 

    In between easy and demanding, this is just about the right trip for the one willing to take it to another level. Since in this level we climb towards the altitude between 900m to 3,000m, good health and fitness condition is a must.

    Trips in this grade: Ghorepani/Poon Hill Trek, Everest Panorama

  3. Grade (Hard): 

    Paths are going to be difficult. Rough roads, tiring up and downs are a given in this grade. You need to make sure that you are in good health condition for these trips as we will be scaling up to 4,000 meters here.

    Trips in this grade: Annapurna Base Camp

  4. Grade (Very Hard):  

    The strenuous level takes you to an altitude of 3,500 to 5,000m. These treks are going to be of longer duration and some trekking experience before is suggested and is beneficial. Your fitness game has to be very strong.

    Trips in this grade: Everest Base Camp, Gokyo Valley, Annapurna Circuit, Upper Mustang

  5. Grade (Severe): 

    These treks are there to take the edge of your adrenalin. You will have to be fully equipped and should be ready to carry bag packs and other essential items if needed. These treks could last longer than your fixed duration. We hope you will be doing some physical fitness exercise alongside your trekking experience from before.

    Trip in this grade: Gokyo valley to Everest Base Camp

  6. Grade (Very Severe):  

    These treks are only recommended and limited to the ones with high trekking experience and fitness. Since it includes crossing an altitude of 6,000m, you need to be exceptionally fit and willing to take the challenges across the way. This grade includes all the mountain climbing and peak expedition treks.

  7. Grade (Extreme Severe): 

    This grade demands extreme fitness and mountaineering experience. It includes climbing the high mountain that stands at an altitude of 8,000 m and known as killer mountains. Annapurna Expedition is one the extreme severe grade that is known for its dangerous peak that has taken many lives of the mountaineer, one should be prepared to embark on the extreme severe expedition.


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