Our Team Member

Sushant Thapa Magar

Sushant Thapa Magar

Operation Officer

Age: 23 years

Sushant is a student of tourism for quite a few years now. Not only he's a travel student, he's an avid traveler himself. He believes that the true essence of traveling is in exploring every nook and corners of his country. Currently, he's responsibly handling the permits and other travel document related work in Swotah.

He's young, energetic and precise with his work. He's a great learner and working on innovative ideas to strenthen the position of the company in the market.
Although, he's one of the newest members in our team, but his outstanding ability to work in a team has already won himself a great many friends. We strongly believe that no one is his position could do any better than him. He's the main guy preparing permits and Government related documents for your next adventure. He loves doing his work, but he loves eating chocolates as well. So if you have something sweet to share, he's the guy.  





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