This fascinating desert land formed with colorful eroded rocks and canyons attracts thousands of people every year. This trans- Himalayan region alongside the banks of beautiful Kaligandaki River will not only amuse you with its aesthetic beauty but the local civilization will dazzle you with their festivals and celebrations every year. Thousands of tourist trek every year to the Upper Mustang to be a part of these celebrations. Their festivals are an example of hope, revival and positivity in life. Mustang is easily identified with the Tibetan plateau, with similar Tibetan customs, Bon (pre-Buddhist) and ancient Buddhist traditions. The word ‘Mustang’ conjures up ideas of remoteness and seclusion, a region lost among the mountains. This protected area is connected to Tibet and has been a route for Salt Caravans in the ancient days. Local people have business trade relation with the Tibetan people in Mustang until today. The horse riding kingdom Lo is also famous for its monasteries, holy books, polyandry culture (where a women can marry up to 5 husbands). This was an independent country until it was closely consolidated into Nepal just a few decades ago. This forbidden kingdom is full of unexplored mystery that is waiting for you.

Trips in the Mustang

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