Doplo conjures up visions of mysterious monasteries, snow leopards and blue sheep. Dolpo region is reputed for the isolated high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal; Dolpo is the home to one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture. Dolpo is also the place where the Oscar Nominated movie Caravan was made. The mysterious land of Dolpo is surrounded by Dhaulagiri and Chure Himal in the east and south. The majestic Dolpo is mostly protected under Shey Phoksundo National Park. This remote land of Nepal although has not been touched much by the development, its nature, wildlife and culture mystically attract travellers. Dolpo region is mostly connected to the Tibet since its southern borders are covered with snow passes for an extended period of time every year. Dolpo is a different country in itself. This fascinating yet challenging country to travel in has an aesthetic feel with the tiny scattered villages, primitive lifestyle and different cultural and religious practices. Dolpo is a perfect blend of rustic villages, Culture that backs to 1000 years ago, and drastic landscapes. Besides the alluring beauty and fascinating culture; Doplo is a restricted area and invites only a few visitors, but it leaves a permanent impression on those people.

Trips in the Dolpo

Upper Dolpo Trek

Elevation: 4702m

Season: Mar-Jul,Sep-Oct



Duration:26 Days

Lower Dolpo Trek

Elevation: 5360m

Season: Mar-Jul,Sep-Oct



Duration:19 Days

Snow Leopard Trek in Dolpo

Elevation: 5221m

Season: Mar-May



Duration:20 Days

Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek

Elevation: 5100m

Season: Mar-Jul,Sep-Oct



Duration:29 Days

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