Product Code: BANCT62
Starts: Kathmandu
Finishes: Paro
Duration: 14 Days
Travel Style: Comfortable
Difficulty: Easy
Featured Trip?: No
Group Size: 1 - 14
Travel Deal?: No
Ages: Min 16
Elevation: 3880m/ 12729.7ft
Trip Views: 242
Ventues: Trekking Cultural Tours
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Bhutan and Nepal Cultural Tour

Bhutan and Nepal, both countries rich culture and natural beauty can be considered as the gems of Southeast Asia. These two countries, who have immense potential to attract tourists of all over the world, are combined in this trip. Although both countries are landlocked and follow same ideology of peace, harmony and great hospitality, they offer unique experience to the travelers. Nepal, where majority of people are Hindus, followed by decent percentage of Buddhist people, have numerous heritage sites showing the art and architecture which has been influenced the culture, tradition and religion of people. Whereas, Bhutan is dominantly Buddhist country and therefore you'll get to see its influence almost everywhere, in people, monastery, culture and food. Bhutan and Nepal tour is a great way to explore Southeast Asia and savor the culture that these two countries have to offer.

Trip Facts

  •  14 days Trip takes you to the two gems of Southeast Asia, in which you will explore two mountainous country locked between Tibet and India.
  •  Bhutan is beautiful Himalayan nation.

Trip Notes

  • 25% payment required while confirming the tour for land part. Balance payment for the land must be paid one month prior to the arrival date. Bhutan visa will be approved by the government only after we deposit full payment received

Why this Trip

  • Experience the ancient palaces, stupas and temples of Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. Enjoy the enchanting valleys, Paro and Thimpu.



Optional Activities

Mountain Flight

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Mountain Flightclose

Taking a mountain flight is one of the most exhilarating things you can do in Nepal. You can experience the beauty of those gigantic Himalayas within a minute through a mountain fight. Nepal is famous for the presence of enormous number of mountain ranges and many visitors come to Nepal to conquer those vast mountains.

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