Why Swotah?

Reasons to Choose ‘Swotah’ 

  1. Balanced Programs: 

Our dedicated team is constantly making tireless efforts to shape the clients’ adventures not only fun but also a meaningful experience. How do we do it! by empowering our programs to be sustainable with a focus on responsible tourism.

All of our programs are well crafted and designed to create authentic experiences and balances among nature, wildlife animals, locals, guides & porters, and the government. We empower our clients with the feeling of not only a wonderful trip but also a responsible way of travelling that makes their trip more fun and more meaningful.

  1. Innovative Programs: 

Innovation is not the result of mere luck. The only way we know how to achieve this is by doing research and by experiencing it in the field. It’s not a one-time event. We’ve been working on this aspect since the beginning. We offer unique programs for clients from all walks of life. Whether they are adventure lovers, spiritual travellers, foodies or animal lovers, we have something for everyone. Some of our programs are as follows: Asian dolphin watching programs, snow leopard expeditions, yoga and meditation trekking, Buddhist circuit tours, traditional food & wine tours, photography tours and more.

  1. Flexible Travel Style: 

We offer our services in three categories. This gives clients the flexibility to choose the same adventure in different styles as per their time and budget. Our programs are categorized as:

Original Travel is for travellers with plenty of time and a shoestring budget.

Comfortable Travel is for travellers who want to create their own itinerary to fit their timeline.

Luxurious Travel has all of the features of Comfortable Travel with a touch of extravagance.

  1. Small Groups, Memorable Moments: 

Stories are shared and friendships are made during our journeys, which is why we keep our groups intentionally small. We constantly thrive to provide you with personal care, so groups never exceed 14 people. Exceptions are made only in case of friends and families willing to go together.

  1. Price-Service Customization: 

We strongly believe in transparent services, so we breakdown the cost structures for different programs. This unique feature lets our clients choose services according to their preferences.  We offer this unique flexibility to our clients so that they can adjust their trip style and price according to their needs, suitability and time. Clients can customize their whole adventure by choosing the features they want and foregoing the features that they don’t need.

  1. Benefits and Discounts: 

We believe loyalty should be rewarded. We offer discounts on every trip booked by repeat clients. We also give rewards for recommending Swotah to friends and acquaintances.

We offer a variety of discounts including advance bookings, group bookings, loyalty coupons and more. You can check our website to find different deals throughout the year such as group discounts, special discounts, last minute deals, early bird, loyalty coupons etc. We encourage you to book early for a discount on any trip. A discount will be applied for any booking made a year in advance.

We offer a free bike tour around the villages in Kathmandu or a free city walking tour. We also offer complimentary Ayurvedic massage in our programs. Plus, there are no hidden charges or fees after booking one of our programs.

  1. Experienced and Local Tour Leaders: 

You expect conscientious, reliable and courteous service. So do us! All our tour leaders, guides, porters and employees will respond to your wishes respectfully and ensure your safety at all times. Our staff is trained and highly motivated to ensure you get the best without question. Our guides and porters are our core strength and our assets. We always do our best to appoint guides who are local citizens from the designated trekking regions for each and every trip. Our team has over a century of collective experience in tour planning and adventure tourism.

  1. The team on the field: 

We employ local guides from all over the country and have a team of experts with crucial knowledge of each trail. Our tour leaders in the city are cultural buffs and experts in customs and traditions. This gives us a strong advantage by having a wide network of local experts all over Nepal where most of our programs are based and where we primarily operate.

  1. Multiple Destinations, Multiple Choices: 

Our services are not only restricted to Nepal. We operate in Bhutan, Tibet and also offer tours and treks in India, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. Due to our wide network of connections with our partner agents in respective countries, we are able to run smooth operation beyond Nepal.

  1. Authentic Travel Experiences: 

Magic happens when you get off the beaten path. We meet locals, share meals with them, listen to their stories and life experiences, laugh and cry with them. This kind of experience gives you a glimpse into local life and brings you in contact with the culture.

  1. Responsible Tourism: 

We are the proud innovators of ‘Trash Man’, where we send a trash man with our group of adventure lovers. He’s responsible not only for managing the garbage disposal of our groups but also for creating awareness programs throughout trekking days.

We’ve been working hard to find homestays for different trekking trails in Nepal. Homestays are a great way for visitors to experience local life while providing local families with an extra source of income. Eventually, we want to promote and direct most of our programs to homestay areas. Currently, we are working on exploring new trekking routes with the help of locals.

The joint aims of our programs are to ensure the minimum negative impact on the lives of local people and their environment, whilst thriving to enhance conditions in any way conceivable.

We believe in environment-friendly tourism. We discourage polluting the trekking routes with plastic bags, plastic water bottles and litter. Swotah subscribes to various local and global programs to raise awareness. We help you to leave the lightest footprint on our land for future generations to enjoy.

  1. Social Responsibility: 

We believe that society should benefit from our activities. We aim to contribute to social equality by providing scholarships to the children of porters and villagers from the remote areas of Nepal. We earmark a portion (5%-10%) of the revenues from our trips for financing the education of children who would otherwise never be schooled. Please ask us about this project which is very dear to our hearts.

  1. Flexible Bookings and Cancellation: 

We offer flexibility in our bookings and cancellation. Please go through our website again to read about ‘Booking and Cancellation Policies’ in detail.



We know it’s not every day you get a chance to visit the Himalayas. This is why we're committed to making sure your experience is a once in a lifetime. What distinguishes us from our competitors is our unequivocal passion to design holiday plans for fellow travellers. We are in the business of putting smiles on people’s faces. While other companies might organize a trip, we take great pride in showing our clients what’s best for their particular wants and needs by giving them everything they deserve, nothing less.

We are a group of passionate trekkers and avid travellers ourselves. Value is what we offer in our programs, and we measure that with the smiles and trust that our clients share with us. The reason our clients smile is the same reason we smile. We know we are doing a great job when our clients continue to show us love, which is evident in our constant flow of repeat customers. We are a company focusing on sustainable travel, leaving barely visible footprints, with awareness and respect for both clients and the natural environments we pass through. We take pride in our travel packages, which are balanced to respond to the needs of the clients, Locals, nature and the whole environment. These values are more than just words on a page; they are ingrained in the culture and daily functioning of our business. This is our work ethic.

Whether you are looking for an extreme mountaineering adventure in the Everest region or a trekking adventure holiday in the foothills of the snow-capped Himalayas, the thrill of white water rafting, rock climbing, paragliding, mountain biking through the Himalayas, or a life-changing spiritual journey in the birthplace of Buddha, nothing is beyond our desire and ability to satisfy your wishes.


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