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   Jun 05, 2019




Travelling from India to Nepal via road is not as popular as travelling via air to the foreigners. It, however, is a widely known entry route amongst Indians and Nepali people. If you are in for an adventure and don’t mind small discomforts then it is an exciting way to go. Here’s everything you need to know about travelling to Nepal overland from India.

Overland Entry points to Nepal
  •    Kakarvitta (Jhapa) (Eastern Part of Nepal  bordering with India)

  •    Birgunj, (Parsa) (Central Part of Nepal bordering with India)

  •    Belahiya, (Bhaieahwa) (Rupandehi, Western Part  bordering with India)

  •    Jamunaha (Nepalgunj) (Banke, Mid-western Part bordering with India)

  •    Mohana (Dhangadhi) (Kailali, Far Western Part bordering with India)

  •    GaddaChauki (Mahendranagar) (Kanchanpur, Far Western Part bordering with India)

Although there are several entry routes to Nepal from India, sticking with the most popular routes are quite safer rather than trying to venture on your own through not so popular routes. Most preferably, stick to the commonly crossed main routes leading directly from India to Nepal.

The most common India to Nepal Travel routes

India and Nepal share open border which means Nationals from India and Nepal both can enter the countries freely. But as a foreigner, you cannot. Don’t fall for misleading people convincing you can cross the border just to realize you can’t after you reach the border.

  • Stick to the main route unless you are certain you can cross the border.

  • South Nepal: Sunauli Border( most popular route)

  • East Nepal: Panitanki border( from Darjeeling all the way through Terai Region)

  • West Nepal: Raxaul/Birgunj border( Way through West Bengal)

The information about the borders above is subject to change. Although the route has been open many years the recent violent break out might bring forth hindrances in crossing the border. To be updated about the current situation before heading out for the journey.

From India Panitanki Border to Nepal

The Panitanki to Kakarvitta border is open from 6 am to 10 pm on both sides for foreigners. Nationalities from India do not require visas to cross into Nepal so Indian travellers won’t report there. But as a foreigner, you require a visa so you will need to check in to the Indian immigration before exiting India.

Exiting India at Panitanki (Kakarvitta Border Crossing)
  • You will  have to hand over your passport (and sometimes a photocopy of your passport)

  • You will have to show your Indian Visa and a photocopy of it.

  • Your passport will be stamped.

It won’t take long and should be done within 5 minutes. After successfully stamping out off you go towards Nepal across a bridge which actually is no man’s land.

Nepal Immigration – Panitanki to Kakarvitta Border Crossing

You will require to apply for a visa on arrival at the immigration office of Nepal. (know more about visa on arrival at:)

Visa application requirements
  • Your passport

  • 1 passport size photo

  • To complete the two forms that you’ll be given here

  • Passport details

  • Your length of stay (15/30/90 days)

  • Cash to pay the visa fee

  • You can pay the visa fees in either of these currencies. (Indian Rupees, Nepali Rupees, Euros or US Dollars)

Try and have the exact change if you intend to pay in US Dollars as change is rarely available.  If you do not have enough you can also pay in a combination of currencies.


Nepal is four and three-quarter hours ahead of GMT or 15 minutes ahead of India Standard Time. If you have travelled to India with an Indian SIM card it will not work in Nepal unless you’ve bought an international option. The popular Sim card providers in Nepal are Ncell and NTC. you must be able to get it almost anywhere within Nepal.

If you happen to have travelled to Nepal from India through any of the above-mentioned entry routes please comment and share your experiences.

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