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Couple Bungee Jumping in Nepal: Conquer Your Fears Together

  Written by : Swotah travel

   Jan 22, 2023


Couple Bungee Jumping in Nepal: Conquer Your Fears Together

Are you and your partner an adventure lovers? It might be the time that you have always wanted to try Bungee Jumping but haven't got an opportunity. If yes, then what could be a better place than Nepal? Your couple's dream comes to life if you just research and take your next move in this mountainous country that provides thrilling landscapes for adventurous bungee jumping.


Nepal is a well-known country for its thrilling landscapes and adventure sports. And this might be the perfect destination to conquer your fears together. Not only will you experience one of the world's most adventurous sports, but you'll also get to do it in one of the most beautiful countries on earth.


Here we will discuss the details about the couple bungee jumping prospects in Nepal. Stay until the end of this blog.


What Is Couple Bungee Jumping?

Couple Bungee Jumping is an activity where a couple jumps together from a tall bridge or building, connected by a bungee cord. It's a great way to overcome your fears and build trust and intimacy with your partner. 


Bungee jumping is an exhilarating experience that requires a certain degree of courage and fortitude. A joint bungee jump can be a truly unforgettable bonding experience for couples seeking an adrenaline rush together. As they stand on the precipice, peeking down into the deep below, they'll feel the rush of wind and the flutter of their hearts, all the while knowing they have each other for support and encouragement. As they take the leap of faith, hand in hand, they'll dive toward the earth at dizzying paces before being pulled back up by the bungee cord. The experience and the sense of accomplishment will be something they'll remember for a lifetime.


It's more dangerous than it sounds. The bungee cord will keep you both safe, and you can stop your fall anytime. But it's still a thrilling experience that will leave you feeling alive and excited.


Couple bungee jumping is the perfect choice if you're looking for an adventure to share with your partner. You can make your anniversary, special occasion, or even a regular day extra special for your partner through couple bungee jumping. Forget about all the everyday problems and enjoy being with each other when you go on a trip with someone you love. You will see your partner in a new way and feel closer to them.


What Makes Nepal a Great Destination for Couple Bungee Jumping?

The world is constantly changing, and it's time for you to get changed and developed too. Today bungee jumping is not limited to a few destinations in Europe, New Zealand, and America. It has finally found its home in the country with the world's tallest mountain. The majestic Himalayan mountains of Nepal create an unparalleled opportunity for couples to conquer their fears and create unforgettable memories. 


Whether you're an adventure seeker or not, bungee jumping in Nepal is the perfect way to experience a new dare. You'll be surrounded by towering peaks, rushing waterfalls, and lush forests, making for an unforgettable backdrop as you take the plunge with your loved one.


The two of you walk to the platform's edge, enjoying the fantastic view. You feel your heart racing as you take the final step off the platform, adrenaline coursing through your veins as you plummet down. The seconds seem like hours as you oscillate between freefall and suspension before finally being jerked back up. You feel alive, exhilarated – a feeling that's hard to replicate.

Couple bungee jumping in nepal

Photo Credit: HighGround Adventures Nepal


This thrill brings people back to bungee jumping again and again. The sense of danger and excitement draws people in, making them want to conquer their fears and feel the rush of adrenaline. For many couples, bungee jumping is a way to do something that's thrilling and exciting and will leave a lasting memory.


Best couple bungee jumping destinations in Nepal

For couples seeking an exhilarating and romantic adventure, the Last Resort, located on the Bhote Koshi River close to the Nepal-Tibet border, stands out as the premier destination for bungee jumping in Nepal. 


The bungee jumping location is 160 meters high, providing breathtaking views 0f the mountains and the valley. 


Another popular location for couple bungee jumping in Nepal is the picturesque town of Kushma. The 228-meter-high/748-ft Kushma Bungee Jump offers an adrenaline-pumping experience while providing a breathtaking view of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges. 


In addition to the Last Resort and Kushma, HighGround Adventures offers an exciting opportunity for couples to experience bungee jumping from a height of 70m (229 ft.) in Pokhara.


These locations offer an array of bungee jumping experiences, each with unique characteristics and breathtaking views. Whether it is the panoramic vistas of Pokhara, the cultural heritage of Kodari, or the natural hot springs of Tatopani, these locations provide couples with an exciting and unforgettable adventure


Safety Tips for Couple Bungee Jumping in Nepal

You're ready to take the plunge and get some adrenaline pumping—but make sure you're staying safe when you do couple bungee jumping in Nepal. Consider these safety tips before you jump:


1. Double-check that all equipment is up-to-date and inspected regularly.

2. Familiarize yourself with the safety protocols of the location, and pay attention to your guide's directions.

3. Make sure your bodies are warm by doing some light stretching beforehand—it helps reduce the chances of muscle tears or strains.

4. Practice visualization techniques to help ease your fears, such as focusing on an object or visualizing the jump positively.

5. Try one person first, so if someone is too scared, they can back out without causing a scene.

6. Listen to the safety briefing and instructions the bungee jumping company provides, and ask any questions.

7. Follow the weight and height restrictions for the bungee jump, and reveal any pre-existing medical conditions to the bungee jumping company if you or your partner have any. 

8. Opt-out is perfectly fine if you or your partner are anxious or uncertain about the jump. 

9. Make sure you have the plan to obtain emergency help when necessary quickly.


Following these important tips ensures that your couple's bungee jumping experience in Nepal will be enjoyable and safe.


What to Expect When You Arrive at Your Jump Site

When you arrive at your jump site, you'll first notice the breathtaking scenery — the snow-capped mountains, the lush green hills, and the rivers winding their way through the deep valleys. The thrill of this experience will only increase as you prepare for your jump.


Before you start, there's usually a safety briefing that explains the safety features of your chosen bungee operator and gives you an idea of what to expect when jumping. After that, it's time to get decked out in harnesses and other gear, with one of the operators accompanying you to ensure everything is adequately secured.

couple bungee

Photo: Couple Enjoying the Bungee


Once all of your equipment is ready to go, it's time for a few last-minute words, and then it's time to take a leap of faith! As soon as you start your plunge and feel that feeling of freefalling in tandem with your partner, all inhibitions are quickly forgotten and replaced by sheer adrenaline—it'll be an experience neither of you will fail!


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Frequently Asked Questions About Couple Bungee Jumping in Nepal


You may have questions about doing a couple of bungee jumping in Nepal. We want to provide you with the answers so you can be as prepared and comfortable as possible for the jump!


Q: When does the bungee jump open? 

A: The adrenaline-filled couple bungee jumping in Nepal is open all year round. Depending on the weather, seasonal changes may occur, so check the opening times before jumping.


Q: What are safety measures taken? 

A: All safety measures are strictly followed to ensure your safety when you go bungee jumping in Nepal. From the height, speed, and angle of your bungee jump to experienced trainers guiding you through every step - we make sure that everything is up to standard and that you experience an unforgettable but safe adventure.


Q: How long will my jump be? 

A: Your personal preference and capabilities will determine your jump - there is no one-size-fits-all answer! Be sure to consider all safety precautions when deciding how long your jump should last.


Q: What are the weight limits for the couple while Bungee is Jumping?

A: The weight requirement for this particular endeavor typically starts at a minimum of 35-40 kilograms, with an upper limit reaching as high as 100-125 kilograms.


Q: Are there any age restrictions for bungee jumping in Nepal?

A: Most bungee jumping operators in Nepal have age restrictions, typically requiring jumpers to be at least 14 years old. Depending on the location and operator, jumpers must also meet specific weight requirements, typically between 80 and 220 pounds.


Q: Can I take photographs or videos while bungee jumping? 

A: Many bungee jumping operators in Nepal offer the option to purchase photographs or videos of your jump. However, taking personal photos or videos during the jump is not allowed for safety reasons.


Q: Is it necessary to have experience in a couple bungee jumping?

A: Couples don't need any prior bungee jumping experience as long as they are willing to follow instructions provided by the operator and comply with safety guidelines.

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