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  Written by : Swotah Travel

   Jun 24, 2018



Mountains are the closest gateway to heaven. It is almost impossible to ignore the call of the mesmerizing mountains for an ascent to heaven. While those snowy mountain peaks welcome you with a warm smile from afar, the journey to the peak isn't as welcoming as it seems. Frigid cold, extreme weather, and unforgiving peaks. It takes more than strength and courage to conquer it. Unbreakable spirit, determination, and sherpas.

Their ability to defy all odds even in extreme situations, their persistence, and familiarity with the mountains is what makes the exhaustive climb exhilarating once you return safely.  Sherpas are one of the oldest ethnic groups of Nepal mostly residing in the himalayan region of Nepal. They have been guiding hundreds of climbers to the top of the world since the first ascent to the Everest in 1953. While Sherpas play a vital role to make the expedition successful. They are often misunderstood and are regarded as porters. Here is the list of five facts about the resilient and brave climbers of Nepal.

Sherpas are not Porters

The common misconception amongst foreigners,  Sherpas are the porters. While it is true to some extent, But ALL SHERPAS ARE NOT PORTERS. Sherpas basically are the indigenous group of people living in the Mountain region of Nepal.  Some of them might work as a porter during the expedition but it does not make all the Sherpa people porters. Being more familiar to the expedition route, they are most likely to guide you through the mountains. Besides, the best guides for expeditions are and can only be Sherpas. Climbing mountains is in their blood and therefore, their cup of tea. And because mountains are their home they are well-known to the peaks, they know the snowy rocks really well.

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Survive even when Low in Oxygen

Born, raised and lived in the mountains for their entire life, Sherpa's body adapts the harsh environment very well. This is the reason why they can easily breathe at a high altitude with a low level of oxygen in hand. It is believed they migrated to Nepal about 6 decades ago.

Sturdy Personality

Sherpas are known for their bravery throughout the world. Even if it’s early in the morning and just woken up from bed, they have the spirit and courage to conquer those astounding peaks. Whereas, our heart trembles at a thought of it and remains just a dream to a normal person. Although the path to the peak is rough and tiresome, Sherpas are brave enough to put a pleasant smile on their faces inspiring and motivating a lot of climbers during the journey to move forward.

Record Holders

We all know the first people who reached the top of the world were Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. They are the people who conquered Mt. Everest for the first time in 1953. This was followed by Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa, both climbed Mt. Everest 21 times, which enabled them to set the record. Breaking the record of Apa Sherpa and Phurba Tashi Sherpa, a climber Kami Rita Sherpa reached the top 22 times. The number of Sherpas climbing Mt. Everest and the times they climb is growing constantly.

Reason for Mountaineering

Sherpas are the people who always hold numerous records of reaching the Summit but never came on the limelight as they don’t do it for name and fame. They are the backbone of any expedition group and climb mountains risking their life. Some of the climbers may take the risk as per their interest and preference but most of them do it as part of their occupation. Their life is harsh living in the Himalayas and this is the only way for many to generate money and improve their lifestyle. The risk pays them for their basic requirements and brings happiness and contentment in the family. Thus, at the end of the day, it is all worth the risk.

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