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written by: Kanti Khadka   |   Dec 09, 2019   |   453 views


The tourism industry in Nepal is a billion-dollar industry. Amongst thousands of agencies in Nepal, choosing the best trekking agency is insanely nerve-wracking. You might think what’s all this fuss about choosing a tour company? Find one and go with whichever you like.

Well, choosing the right trekking agency or tour operators is perhaps the most important decision to make because a good operator will make your trip memorable and once in a lifetime experience while the bad one can completely ruin it. 

Perfectly designed to suit every budget and style of travel, travel and tours company remove the stress of visiting a new destination, and allows you to maximize your time, meet new people, connect with the local community, and encourages you to take new activities and challenges, like conquering Everest Base Camp or the Annapurna Range.

Are Tours And Trips The Same Thing?

Generally, tours are multi-day adventures that take care of all your travel needs such as transfers, accommodation, transport, guides, activities, and permits upon your arrival at the airport so that you can enjoy the ride.

Meanwhile, trips generally are locally-organized one or two-day additions to holidays and independent travel experiences.

While there are ample internationally renowned tour companies offering tour services to Nepal, there are several local tour companies in Nepal who will happily take care of all your travel and trekking arrangements in the country.

Although local tour operators may be cheaper, it’s always wise to do your research and compare options before committing to anything. So, to help you choose the right tour operators in Nepal, here are some criteria you must keep in mind while choosing the right tour operators in Nepal.

Registration And License

First of all, it is very important to verify whether the company you decide to travel along with, is an authorized agency under any government and whether they are listed on any reputed international travel associations member directory or not. Besides, it is mandatory for the trekking agency to register with the Nepal government, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB).

 For example, trekking agencies must be registered in the Nepal Tourism Board and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal, NTB, and TAAN respectively. You can check the listed trekking agencies registered in TAAN via TAAN’s official website. Next, if a company offers a climbing expedition, it must be a member of the Mountaineering Association of Nepal (NMA).

Cost And Facilities

It is very essential to check this term if you have decided to travel to Nepal or anywhere in the world. Many travel agencies and trekking companies in Nepal do offer a variety of schemes to attract clients. To ensure if they are living up to their values, check their official website or personally enquire about the inclusions and exclusions, whether they cover the cost of facilities like hotel transfers, breakfast, domestic flight tickets, TIMS card, Entry permits, meals, accommodation, guides, porters and etc. in a trip cost.

Likewise, the cost of your trek may widely vary, although the trekking route, with a few exceptional differences and modifications, remains the same. Refrain yourself from picking up the cheapest agency because the cheapest ones may not always give you the best value of your money especially in travel scenarios. Comparing your basic needs with the facilities provided by your operator will surely help you to make some concrete decisions. The prices may seem a bit on the high side, which includes every service you want from transfers, a much better-facilitated accommodation, responsible, respectful travel style and user-friendly local guides to emergency rescue operations so before you choose to go budget-friendly, contemplate if you really wish to go comfort friendly!.

And make sure you read the company’s terms and conditions thoroughly.

Client Response And Testimonials

While looking for the right operators it’s always best to check their client’s response on the website. It’s unlikely for a company to include a bad review on their website, however, look for the reviews on Tripadvisor or Tourradar for authentic information on the quality of service provided by the travel agencies in Nepal.

 Another effective way is by contacting them to check their ability of communication or professionalism, how well versed they are about safety, altitude sickness, and emergency evacuation.

Give-Back Enterprise - Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a popular term nowadays. It represents an organization’s actions regarding attempts to support the environment and society. Personally, I think it’s essential to choose companies that deliver high-quality service and also give back to the local place you are traveling to. In the past, this concept was not as popular as it is now in Nepal. As of present, the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is becoming vital. In terms of the tourism sector, it is also known as responsible tourism and is in trend everywhere.

The idea of CSR policy is to create a safe and eco-friendly environment for everyone. So make sure the company you are using employs a local guide and provides services without impacting nature.

Customization On Trips

When you choose a tour package; it is advisory to get a company that can offer customized tours or holidays. The idea behind it is you get more than just a package that fits your length of holiday or budget in general. A tailor-made tour operator puts all your personalized interest to the holiday as per your expectations and is able to make your trip memorable. Nowadays, organized tours are designed to offer an array of options as per everyone’s needs, from backpackers to families, thrill-seekers,  older travelers, couples and even photographers. So, make sure you choose a tour operator adept in tailoring your package as per your need for the best travel experience.

Size Of The Group And Safety Measures Applied By The Company

Most of the trekking agencies in Nepal are willing to handle 15 persons per group, while some other unique agencies claim to handle a larger group. But, it is very difficult to adjust with a large number of holidaymakers. Better choose the company which handles small group, because it will be easier for you to adjust with lesser people.

Take a closer look at the company safety benchmarks, which can be done in various means either by checking the official website or by viewing review (the method is discussed already above). Or you can send an email inquiry about it. Different agencies have a distinct standard of safety measures.

Local Travel Agency

You must be wondering why I should book a trip with a local travel agency. Well, there are a lot of advantages you can get from a local tour operator. At first, they are cheaper than an international travel agency. Next, they are also more flexible as all of them are keen to provide you with the best experience based on your real destination. Finally, they know their country and can deliver unique and authentic experiences with ease.

For the Responsible and ethical trek and tour packages, remember Swotah Travel and Adventure- Your own local agency


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