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  Written by : Kanti Khadka

   Jul 16, 2019



It's difficult to return empty-handed when you wander the clamoring commercial centers of Kathmandu.  Once you fall in love with this country, it’s almost impossible not to want to take little gifts from Nepal. It's a smart thought to get souvenirs from Nepal for your friends and family back home, eager to hear intriguing stories of your venture. 

These may be something as little as a customary Nepali cap or a Gurkha khukuri or something you find while walking around the beautiful back roads of Thamel or Patan. Credible Nepali handworks are found in pretty much every corner. These little mementos from Nepal can go a very long way reminding you of the country you so much fell in love with.

We know the hassle involved in trying to find out the perfect that one thing for you or for your friends back home. To help you find the perfect gift to take back home from Nepal, we present you the list of things which will make a perfect souvenir from Nepal.

Pashmina Shawls 

Pashmina ShawlPashmina Shawl

Pashmina shawls, referred to as cashmere fleece in the western world, makes the best gift to take back home from Nepal. Pashmina originated from the Persian word for fleece are very looked for after and are produced using a fine fleece of the Himalayan mountain goat's undercoat. Since this creature is found in remote zones of the Tibetan Plateau, Pashmina woollen items are a stunning thing. 

The vast majority of these shawls today are woven in Kathmandu Valley handlooms, so a Pashmina shawl makes an astounding and prized trinket from Nepal. In any case, know about fakes since the business sectors are overflowed with those as well. Great quality pashmina is very delicate and is produced using yarn of at any rate 97% virtue. 

Nepali Khukuri 

Kukri from NepalKhukuri

An in a split second unmistakable thing, the khukuri (a bent metal blade) is an image of triumph and boldness for Nepal, as it speaks to the Anglo-Nepal war during which Gurkha (Nepali) warriors battled utilizing this weapon. Getting one of these as a gift means conveying home a portrayal of Nepal's heavenly history. 

The khukuri is typically made by neighborhood ironsmiths and are a prominent token among guests to Nepal; especially for the individuals who are gatherers of conventional things. In any case, since it is a weapon, there might be limitations on shipping such things. Enquire about size confinements heretofore on the off chance that you plan on purchasing a khukuri as a souvenir from Nepal. 

Singing Bowls

Singing BowlsSinging Bowl

Singing Bowls were initially antiquated Tibetan technique for treatment and health, that discovered its approach to Nepal a very long time back. These dishes are found in differed sizes and are produced using a mix of seven metals. You can discover, machine or high-quality ones in the market. Notwithstanding, it's a smart thought to spend too much on carefully assembled ones. These are better in quality and produce better sounds. The perfect token of love from Nepal for your spiritual friends!

Thanka Works 

Thanka PaintingThanka Painting

Nepali craftsmanship is best comprehended through Thangka works of art. The magnificence of Thangka sketches is in its careful work and subtleties. Experienced specialists take around six to eighteen months to finish one painting by hand. Specialists use cotton or silk canvas and can even utilize fine specifying of gold and silver. For committed craftsmen, Thangka painting is consecrated workmanship that identifies with Buddhism and is transmitted through the age. Purchasing a Thangka painting may be an immense venture, yet it resembles purchasing gold. What's more, similar to gold, it's additionally essential to request a confirmation number while obtaining your Thangka Painting. An evergreen memento and precious gift one could ever take from Nepal.

Crafted Works 

Nepali craft

Nepali Craft

Nepalese craftsmanship is one of a kind and one of its sort. The handiwork things like supplication wheels, customary veils, mannequins, complicatedly cut wooden figures, stonewares, and hemp items are probably the most renowned painstaking work created and sold in Nepal. 

Really suggestive of the spot, the distinctively painted veils of neighborhood divine beings are accessible in different sizes. The wooden carvings, wood boxes and vases are an extraordinary choice as well. 

Hemp items like shirts, jeans, rucksacks, and packs are additionally a well-known trinket that you can bring with you. The Hemp Backpack likewise sells probably the best rucksacks, hand-made in the Himalayas. 

Be careful with the general population attempting to sell things as a collectible. The genuine collectibles are difficult to find and are not permitted to leave Nepal without confirmation from the legislature. 

Lokta/Nepali paper things 

Lokta Paper bag

Lokta Paper Bags

Rice paper, the conventional paper structure in Nepal, is carefully assembled from rice husks or lokta bark, found in remote zones. Initially utilized for original copies and works of art, it is currently a fascinating gift to purchase from Nepal. You will discover stores selling rice paper in zones like Patan and Thamel. 

Light shades, schedules, diaries, and so on are some paper items that have been intended for voyagers to convey back home effectively (the light shades are frequently accessible in foldable plans).

Nepali tea 

Nepali tea leaves

Nepali Tea Leaves

Nepal is one of the top spots to purchase teas. 

Chances are during the period of your stay in Nepal you will be addicted to sweet Nepali tea or Chiya, so better pack some back home. 

The most ideal approaches to bring home a little taste of Nepal is to buy a portion of the neighborhood tea. The slopes of Nepal and the atmosphere is ideal for tea shrubs and different herbs to thrive. 

Flavorful Nepali tea has numerous medical advantages and is invigorating as well. You can discover a colossal assortment of teas with various value go in pleasant teas shops. Find your favorite one and enjoy the taste of Nepal at your home.

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