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Exploring Phakding Village: A Gem in the Khumbu Region

  Written by : Swotah travel

   Oct 30, 2022


Exploring Phakding Village: A Gem in the Khumbu Region

The rural villages in Nepal are where you'll find true authenticity and warmth if you're there to immerse yourself in the culture and daily life of the endearing locals. While travelling through the villages of Nepal, you might perspire, find it difficult to breathe, and drag your feet uphill for hours until you reach an open valley with colourful homes tucked between the mountains and hospitable residents who extend invitations to visit their tea shops. You quickly forget the struggle: Isn't it worthwhile for you?


Adventure traveled, village tourism, hiking, white water rafting, jungle safaris, and lodging in specially constructed resorts or self-pitched tents are all popular activities in Nepal. The idea of village tourism is unique in Nepal. You must visit a village if you wish to become a part of the friendly locals' way of life, basic daily meals, traditional delicacies, and different natural surroundings. The rural life of Nepal offers genuine warmth and diversity that will live forever in a visitor's memories.


Phakding, is a popular overnight stop on the way to Everest Base Camp. North of Lukla, in the valley of the Dudh Kosi River, is where Phakding is located. It stands 2,610m/8,500ft tall. On the way to Everest Base Camp, many people choose to spend the night there. It is the perfect site to begin the adaptation  process due to its height.


A tourist's joy is increased by the genuine friendliness and warmth of the people. This village has many places to stay, including guesthouses. After getting to know this area, you can stroll along the lovely Kosi River in the morning and the evening. 


The altitude makes it the perfect place to start the acclimatisation process, and the welcoming natives make sightseeing simple. Once you've taken a look around, you may choose from a variety of guesthouses or take a stroll to the beautiful Dudh Kosi River, which is close by, to keep yourself occupied. Before entering the heart of Phakding, you will have some fantastic views of the Dudh Kosi River as you come closer.

phakding village

Why go to Phakding?

Khumbu's numerous untrodden trails provide excellent trekking opportunities through various landscapes. One such excursion that takes you to one of the Khumbu Region's least visited areas is Everest's Hidden Gem, Phakding village Trek. This journey is a secret treasure of the Everest region.


The village, which only has 70–75 homes, mostly serves as the starting point for Everest treks. On the other hand, it offers a variety of cuisines when it comes to eating. On the other side, there are numerous neighbourhood bars (bhattis) that serve regional booze.


The route to phakding begins from Lukla, and this is the main overpass on the route for trekkers and travellers heading there by the Gokyo Ri. The phakding Village is playing a leading role in supporting and flourish the tourism in the area, and to fulfill that purpose, several small businesses are located nearby. Guesthouses have been built in this village. The breathtaking scenery of mountain peaks covered with sun rays astounds the visitors.


The village has grown in renown and popularity as a result of its location along the Everest Base Camp Trekking Route. It is also among the best rest spots on the trekking route across the Everest region. While a day in Phakding, Nepal, enables you to adjust to the higher elevations before continuing your trip.


The little village offers a variety of inexpensive to premium teahouses to accommodate trekkers looking for lodging. In order to increase tourism in the Sagarmatha Zone, the community is therefore crucial.


What are the major Highlights? 

The major sights to see are bells ringing and herds of yaks, horses, and donkeys. These creatures are employed to transport cargo to and from Lukla. You pass a few suspension bridges as you make your way toward the settlement of Phakding. You will have an amazing experience crossing these bridges and be treated to a stunning view of the mountains and perennial rivers. 


The Dudh Koshi River, one of the highest rivers in the world, is the last thing you encounter before reaching the major residential area. You arrive at Phakding, a small mountain settlement, at last. Although the agricultural area is located lower than Lukla, it still has some stunning distant vistas of the mountains.

dudh koshi river

You will have the opportunity to observe directly how the Nepali people endure at such high altitudes while trekking from Lukla to Phakding. They cultivate their own crops, including lettuce, potatoes, onions, and carrots. The fields are lovely and enjoyable to stroll over.


How to get to Phakding?

Phakding, an ethnic Sherpa settlement with stone homes and teahouses. Since there are no direct roads leading there, we must first fly from Kathmandu to the airport in Lukla before beginning the trek from Lukla to Phakding. The trek from Lukla to Phakding through the Rhododendron forest, rural communities, and suspension bridges is incredibly restorative. 


Be cautious and avoid crossing the suspension bridge while yaks or donkeys are doing so. It takes about four to five hours from Lukla to go to Phakding. Most trekkers spend their first night at Phakding before continuing on to Gokyo Lakes or Everest Base Camp. The following day, the trek from Phakding to Namche resumed their journey.


It serves as the starting point for the majority of treks in the Khumbu region and is located south of Namche Bazaar and north of Lukla. Phakding Village serves as the first lodging stop for the most well-known EBC Trek.


Trekkers can begin the traditional Everest region hiking route from Jiri or Phelps if they would rather forgo the Lukla Flight. From Kathmandu, the trekkers must take a car to Jiri or Phelps. Trekkers may choose to take the conventional route to go to Lukla and subsequently Phakding. Phaplu to Lukla travel time is about three days, whereas Jiri to Lukla travel time is five days.


Most flights from Kathmandu to Lukla Airport depart in the morning. After the 40-minute flight, the travellers will thus have the entire day to engage in a simple trek. Additionally, it takes several hours to go the 7.5 kilometres (4.6 miles) from Lukla to Phakding. Therefore, trekkers avoid staying in Lukla. On their first day, they choose to go to Phakding village where they spend the night. But you can pause for food and drink at many locations along the way.


The short trek from Lukla to Phakding takes place over a path dotted with lush vegetation and breathtaking mountain views. The majority of the time, you will be moving downward down the rocky, dirt, and stone pathways. 

suspension bridge in phakdig village

Which is the best time to go to Phakding village?

Most of Nepal experiences its busiest trekking times in the spring and fall, including the Everest region. The nicest views of the mountains and the surrounding area are available during this season thanks to the consistent weather and temperate temperature.



One of those experiences that you never forget is traveling. Even while exploring a new location can be costly and time-consuming, it almost always pays off. Since Lukla to Phakding is located on the lower part of the trail, there is a lot more greenery there. There will be a lot of vegetation, including trees, and distant mountains will be seen.

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