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written by: Kanti Khadka   |   Dec 19, 2019   |   351 views


It’s unlikely for people to ask why?

There already are sufficient motivations to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek to Nepal. This is a standout amongst other experience travels that you ought to go once in your lifetime. This is the journey which combines two staggering experiences trekking and yoga. While trekking experience gives you a chance to investigate the mountain, yoga experience is a chance to dive further into your internal identity.

Today yoga is said to be the universes quickest developing wellbeing routine since it fuses a feeling of otherworldliness in the present quick determined current world. Yoga isn't just a detailed arrangement of physical activities; it is an otherworldly discipline, indicating to lead the spirit to Samadhi, which is simply the all-out association with the perfect being.

Why the Himalayas?




It's surprising and equally astounding to know almost all the yogis rehearsed all sutras and contemplation in the Himalayas. As the popular belief goes, God Lives in the Himalayas!

In the yogic culture, Shiva is regarded as the main master or the Adi Guru. He is otherwise called the Adi Yogi or the primary Yogi. He was said to, become overjoyed, moving everywhere throughout the mountains or he would sit totally as yet during a condition of edification. During his frantic episodes of moving, the various divine beings were desirous on the grounds that he was having such a stunning time on the natural plane. All of a sudden, the Gods acknowledged, Heaven wasn't such a cool spot all things considered and they were passing up a major opportunity, so they chose to get Shiva to give them access to his mystery teach them yoga. When they, at last, got him to show them his strategies, Shiva clarified different kinds of yogas developments relying on the degree of readiness of the individual who was sitting before him.

Otherworldly ethos implies that regardless of what your identity is or where you originated from, freedom is a definitive objective for everyone. Indeed, even today, even the least difficult rancher in this nation will discuss Mukti. This is a consequence of the wonderful measure of profound work done in this nation.

Yoga discusses the very study of creation and how to take this creation (you) to its definitive plausibility. It picks up authority over the central procedures of life; the very procedure of creation and disintegration. It doesn't make a difference at what level of advancement an individual is at this moment. For each being on the planet, there is a one of a kind method for accomplishing that dominance.


Everest Yoga Trek


So, what are the motivations to go on the Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek?  Of the few reasons to go on this lifetime experience, we have listed some of them below.

A Life Journey something beyond an Adventure

As the outing includes strolling in the high height of the mountains, this is most likely a gutsy outing. Alongside getting to see the mighty mountains, this trip takes you on the adventure to your internal world through yoga. Rehearsing yoga all through the trek in the mountains positively presents to you an opportunity to investigate your very own self all the more intently. At the point when two astounding experiences in the inward and external world consolidate together, the excursion turns out to be basically in excess of an undertaking making it a lifetime venture.


Nepal Yoga Retreat


Yoga Practice in the Shade of Everest

As you garner trekking experience along the trekking trail to Everest Base Camp, this journey presents to you an opportunity to rehearse your everyday yoga before the mighty mountains especially in the shade of Everest. Contemplating your internal world through a yoga practice while admiring the pristine mountains is unquestionably a happy experience bound to be etched in your mind forever. You will have a magnificent time in the mountains rehearsing yoga before the monstrous mountain crests for a few days.

A Journey into the Himalayas, a journey into oneself


A Journey Into the Himalayas


This yoga trekking experience to the Everest base camp is an astounding opportunity to explore the mountains as well as connect with your internal identity. Yoga itself is an investigation of the internal identity and it turns out to be considerably progressively compelling while it gets the presentation to nature. During this yoga trekking experience, you will become more acquainted with your own self better. You will find out about your impediments and furthermore figure out how to stroll past them throughout everyday life. Truly, marking the journey within!

Explore the Base of the World's Highest Mountain




As the self-evident actuality, this experience trek arrives at the base camp of Mt. Everest on the Nepal side. A numerous day trekking up in the mountains will take you to the Everest base camp and furthermore to Kalapatthar. Many can dream to arrive at the base camp of the most elevated mountain on the planet yet you can make it much increasingly magnificent by blending yoga on the trekking experience. You will likewise discover the delight of rehearsing yoga at the base camp and appreciate ecstatic minutes. The outing additionally takes you to the fabulous perspective of Kalapatthar promptly in the first part of the day for an early morning dawn yoga practice directly before the Mt. Everest and different mountains in the area.

Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek is a lovely Everest Base Camp Trek combination with an expansion of yoga and reflection practice. Yoga itself is a divine practice and to be able to practice this divinity in the shade of Everest is something to look up to. Thus, experience this astounding once in a lifetime venture of introspection with Everest yoga trek. 



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