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Bhutan at Glimpse

Bhutan- a mystical beauty with surrealistic ambiance and tranquility balanced in the Himalayan region, between China and India. The mountain chain shields the Asian nation from the rest of the planet feat it supremely untouched. It is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in this globe that offers a perfect blend of rural beauty and contemporary appeal.

Known as Druk Yul or Land of Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is truly a paradise for globetrotters and fun-lovers. We can say that this place not only captivates and enthuse global visitors but also fill their heart with delight and extravagance.

If you are searching for the most beautiful sport for your next vacation, then Bhutan is an ideal approach for you. The scenic beauty, panoramas, charming Bumthang valley and furthermore, the most interesting cultural tour will take your breath away. Blessed with natural beauties, this place can bring unforgettable moments on your table.

Along with the unmatched magnificence of the Himalaya, you can able to see vast wilderness alongside streams, waterways, and stunning lakes that has to offer. For adventure enthusiasts, it offers a great opportunity to go trekking, hiking, camping or a holiday in the mountain. No matter you are with your family & children or friends, the bounty nature of this wonderful destination has something for everyone.

Nature is bountiful in this destination and has laid its magnificence all around while you move from one location to the next. However, you have to find the right time to make a trip to this beautiful country.

Also, you'll be able to visit completely different monasteries and also the famed textile repository. Visitors can find several shops selling work of arts that represent the culture of this country. You will come across the local people in the surroundings of Thimpu. They are kind, generous and have good hospitality.

Interesting Facts About Bhutan

Every year, an increasing number of explorers visit this amazing place in their vacation to witness unmatched beauty and splendor of this place. With the warm hospitality of the Dragon Kingdom people, Bhutan has some interesting facts that draw the attention of global tourists throughout a year.

Mountain Trekking

Bhutan Treasure

This is the best chance for adventure enthusiasts to take advantage of Bhutan by opting for trekking and mountain climbing. There are few summits available in Bhutan that offer a great chance for trekkers such as the Lunana summit in the northern part of Bhutan and Chomolhari Mountain. When you get around the different towns and villages in Bhutan, you will come across sharp roads to climb and drive. Hiking throughout Bhutan will be delightful and enjoyable as you can able to explore the panoramic view of rice paddies and mountain ranges. For hikers, Bumthang Valley is one of the best places that also offer a brilliant view of Jakar village.

Dzong And Ancient Ruins

Trashichodzong Bhutan

As we know that Bhutan is a Buddhist country, it is the home to spiritual and historical ancient ruins and Dzongs. There are also different dzongs available in this region that sets Bhutan apart from the crowd with its exclusive and different archeological structures and this is only can be seen in Bhutan. You can interact with the monks and discover various outstanding yet appealing Buddha statues.

Home Of The Golden Langur Monkeys


Visitors can have a great opportunity to see these unbelievable golden monkeys in Trongsa and the lower regions of Bhutan's mountain valleys. It is believed that these endangered golden monkeys can only be sighted in Bhutan and northern India which makes the tourists so fascinated about this spot.

Most Celebrated Festivals

As the major percentage of the populace in Bhutan is Buddhists so that many festivals are celebrated here that tourists can enjoy during their vacation. These cultural festivals are so colorful and various traditional dances are also performed by the Buddhist monks. It is believed that it is mostly carried out to secure the valleys and avoid evil spirits. With Colorful clothes and jewelry, religious followers interact with each other to socialize. We must say that Bhutan is one of those countries in this globe where you can receive wondrous hospitality, most delicious cuisines as well.

Then, you will get the opportunity to see the energetic and dynamic culture of the country. Most festivals are established from the faith and are the command to pay tribute to Buddha and Guru Rinpoche.

Things To Consider Before Traveling:

  1. Well-Organized Planning Makes Your Vacation Successful

Making a plan for Bhutan trip? Make sure you have a well-organized plan with you before traveling to Bhutan, or else, you may face different problems. From selecting a reliable tour operator, cheap flight tickets, to your accommodation and transportation, everything should be considered earlier. In that case, you need to discuss with our expert tour operators to get the best deal available for you. It simply depends on your needs and preferences. If you want to de delve deep into the culture of the local people, you can extend your time and change the schedule accordingly.

  1. A Visa is Necessary 

You can apply for your Visas through a visiting specialist with connections to the touristy Council of Bhutan and pay your fees on-line. The visa process and tourism policies are so simple and flexible. Indian, Bangladeshis, and Maldivian can fly in or go to the border with at least half year legitimacy and particularly Indians can utilize their Voters Identity Card. All the other countries must obtain a visa clearance by means of their tour company before touring to Bhutan.

  1. Weather Condition

As Bhutan climate varies all over the year, you can choose accordingly. Usually, Southern Bhutan can be hot and moist due to its sub-tropical climate and the northern part can be cold in summer too due to its high altitude.

  1. No Smoking

As a traveler, you must follow the rules and regulations of Bhutan. Smoking or any product containing tobacco is strictly banned in Bhutan. Any irregularities, the fine is very high or you can likewise put into jail. Be aware of it.

  1. Accommodation

Either you can book a luxury hotel or consider a home stay. In both ways, you can have a relaxed and comfortable stay. However, the cost may vary with the place. In a home stay, you can additionally encounter what daily life is to a Bhutanese.


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