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  Written by : Jaya Giri

   Mar 07, 2018



What can a tourist do in a certain destination?  A regular topic that attracts every person on the planet and every one of us is the seeker of the answer. An interest to visit a particular place arouses, when the activities that can be carried out in the section, is the area of interest. When it comes to Nepal, everyone knows about the capital city, Kathmandu and therefore listed below are the activities that can be performed in the city.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park

Mountain Bulbul- Shivapuri

Photo: Mountain Bulbul


Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park lies on the north of Kathmandu valley, about 12 km away. It has two islands of forests namely Shivapuri and Nagarjun and covers an area of 159km2. The park area is demarcated by stone and brick walls from the heavy sub-urban population. It is a popular hiking route for local people and tourists as one can take a look of the protected mammals such as Clouded Leopard Pardofelisnebulosa, Pangolin Manissp, Assamese Monkey Macacaassamensis, and Leopard Cat Prionailurusbengalensis. In Addition, the park has recorded 1250 species of vascular plants and 129 species of mushrooms, 311 species of birds including 117 migratory birds, 102 species of moths and butterflies and some common reptiles and amphibians.

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Garden of Dreams

Garden of Dreams- translated as ‘Sapana ko Bagaicha’ in Nepali and often called as Swopna Bagaicha, is a peaceful haven with full of unique architect and varieties of flowers and fauna brought from the different countries. Some of the main gems of this place are different statues, beautiful fountains, and ponds. The place is home to a peculiar ‘hidden garden’ and also features three pavilions. It is a must-visit for local and foreign travelers as it refreshes and rejuvenates the mind, body, and soul with its ambiance and amenities.

Narayanhiti Palace

Narayanhiti Palace - Durbar Marg

The Narayanhiti Durbar was built by King Mahendra in 1963 as a primary residence in the north-central part of Kathmandu and later it was opened for visitors after the 2006 revolution. It was in Narayanhiti palace, where the scene of the 2001 Nepalese Royal Massacre took place and the then king died with his entire family and the carnage is still mysterious which makes it a peculiar place. The palace is now well known for its museum beauty and therefore a must to visit place while you are in Kathmandu.

Chhauni Museum

Chhauni Museum

This National Museum, the largest museum in the country has some of the most interesting treasures on display, which makes it worth a visit. The three buildings in the premises are Juddha Jayatia Kala Shala, Buddha Art Gallery and the main building containing Natural Historic Section, Cultural Section, and Philately Section.

The people of Kathmandu visit the monument for a closer look at the country's past. It has artwork (sculpture and paintings) as well as historical displays that are dedicated to Nepal's wars in the 18-19nth centuries. The museum has separate galleries dedicated to statues, paintings, murals, coins and weapons.

Indra Chowk

Indra Chowk is one of the famous market junctions in Kathmandu valley that links Kathmandu Durbar Square and many other market streets. Apart from the market, one of the biggest highlights of this place is the Akash Bhairab Temple (Indra Mandir).

This particular temple has four metal lions that appear to be rearing over the street and guarded by two more brass lions at the entrance, where non-Hindus can’t enter. You will find more temples as you explore further and remember to try out one of the famous Lassi of the area. Moreover, it is a ceremonial venue and major festivals and chariot processions pass through the square.

Royal Botanical Garden

The garden lies in Godawari, about 19 km south of Kathmandu which is a popular spot for a peaceful escape.  The specialty of this garden is that you can find more or less 800 different species of plants. The place includes different landscapes and thematic gardens like Physic garden, Biodiversity Education Garden (BEG), Rock garden, Fern garden, Orchid house, Japanese style garden, Lily garden, Tropical garden, Taxonomic family garden, VVIP plantation area, Ethno-botanical garden and much more to explore.

Kumari House-The House of Living Goddess

‘Kumari’ is the name given to the living goddess of Nepal who resides in Kumari Ghar, a palace in Kathmandu Durbar Square. This area is known for its magnificent carvings and as the house of the living goddess.  Here, tourists will discover wood-carved relics of gods, goddesses and diverse symbols through the courtyard. Kumari is a young girl and it is believed that through her expressions, she can answer the queries of devotees and therefore enormous numbers of people from around the world pay a visit in a hope to receive the blessing of the young goddess.

Mouthwatering Momo


Nepalese can never get enough of these delicious momos even though they have it daily. Momos are found everywhere, from street stalls to luxurious restaurants. Some health freaks prefer to go to those extravagant restaurants but in the case of momos, a cozy restaurant or a street stall is where most of the people favor.

Thamel – Unlimited Craziness

It is the Tourist center of Kathmandu. Whether you are a shopping mutant, cuisine freak or a night owl, this is a perfect place. There are extensive bars and restaurants either for a quiet escape or a loud scream, there is something for everyone.

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Food and Wine

Typical Nepali cuisine

A visit to a new destination in a hope to know all about it is a desire of a tourist and this will not be fulfilled until your taste buds try out the local cuisines that the country has to offer. Nepal is known for its diverse cuisines which reflect the culture and tradition of diverse ethnic groups. Therefore, if you wish to know this beloved country well, you should remember to have a taste of these delicious local dishes and wines.


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