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Why hiring a guide is the best way to experience Everest base camp?

  Written by : Swotah travel

   Nov 03, 2022


Why hiring a guide is the best way to experience Everest base camp?

Trekking in the Everest region is mentally and physically demanding. Having a knowledgeable guide will increase your comfort level and make the walk less stressful. Not only will s/he aid with path navigation, In the event of an emergency, they will look after your security and safety. They will inform you of the main sights, familiarize you with the culture, and become your friends.


To get the most out of your walk to Everest Base Camp, hire a trekking guide. It's flexible, economical, and safe. A good guide will assure safety, ensure that you understand the terrain and mountains better, get you in the permission line, and handle emergency scenarios.


Why might hiring a guide can change your overall EBC trek experience?


trekking guide is a trained professional with the necessary guidance and interpersonal skills to supervise mountain hikes. Because they have good relationships with ticket providers, housing alternatives, and porters, they can help you organize everything.


They will help you get permission, serve as your point of contact at the hotels, and provide you with information on these mountainous areas' traditions, backgrounds, and viewpoints. Additionally, a knowledgeable guide will teach you how to assess your health and avoid altitude sickness.


The Sherpa people are renowned for their prowess in climbing and trekking. People worldwide rely on them since they have the most experience in the trekking industry. They will help you have a smooth walk and get to know the area's beauty. 


The price can vary significantly depending on a guide's expertise, the field of study, and language abilities. You can also select tour guides who focus on particular subjects like culture, mountaineering, wildlife, cuisine, bird watching, etc. These manuals might be pricey and difficult to locate. A guide can be hired for between USD 22 to USD 100.

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Are porters' guides available on the route?


A porter-guide is a person who will carry up to 15 kg of gear and lead you around the trails. Most porter guides are locals who will meet you at the trailheads. Although not all porter guides are certified or trained, they have a ton of trail experience. They have a passable guiding ability and minimal communication and first-aid skills. Additionally, they will assist you in joining the permission line.


The carrying of food and other supplies along the trail is the responsibility of porters, who play a crucial role in the trekking industry. You will support the neighborhood economy and create jobs by hiring a porter. 


A porter can transport up to 30 kg along the routes from one overnight stop to another. Typically, a porter transports the packs of two hikers. They often travel at their own pace, avoid interacting with trekkers, and occupy porter huts. Typically, a guide employs and oversees a porter.


You should be extremely explicit when employing a porter about the eventualities of who will be liable if the porter haggles over fees, leaves for another client in the middle, or becomes ill. However, they won't help much in situations involving injuries or organizing a rescue. However, they will be helping you with your heavy bags, and you can enjoy the trek throughout. A porter-guide can be hired for about $20 and $25 daily.


What are the perks of hiring a guide for an EBC trek?


There are some strong arguments in favor of using a guide when trekking to Everest Base Camp. We'll walk you through some of the principal causes.


  • Informed and Safe Trekking

Every year, trekkers go missing despite clearly marked pathways. It's possible that hikers have minimal knowledge of altitude sickness and other health issues. Such risks can be avoided if you are with an experienced trekking guide.


Guides identify altitude sickness symptoms. They aid in acclimatization as well. If you are experiencing symptoms and need to rest, they will take care of you. You can conquer whatever challenges you face while on the EBC trip with their help.


The paths are well-known to experienced guides. They are familiar with the routes and speed requirements for getting there. They offer you assistance to go through challenging path portions. You receive both a morale boost and a balancing hand from your guides.


  • Getting Involved in Local Culture

The walking-talking books on local customs and culture are called guides. They are aware of the secret spots that are simple to overlook when hiking alone. They will tell you the highlands' legends, myths, and fairy tales. Your guide will facilitate your interactions with locals. They can interact with locals or provide interpretation for incredible cultural encounters in Nepal.

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  • Awareness of the geography

The trail and the surroundings are well-known to guides. Every turn of the journey is known to them. When you ask them what the name of the mountains in front of you are, they will provide a variety of information rather than the name.


Guides can assist you in finding the best views because they are familiar with the local weather. They know the best locations to eat and drink, so you won't have to worry about sanitation. As you know your hometown, guides are familiar with the trekking regions.


  • Services Off-Trek

Trekking to Everest Base Camp during the peak days of the year might be busy. The nicest accommodations at lodges and tea houses are guaranteed with advance reservations. Guides are also knowledgeable about the best hotels and restaurants. Additionally, they can assist you in sampling out regional specialties.


The guides will also assist the organization of transportation to and from the trailheads. They will help you if you let them know what you need. They'll handle all of your logistical requirements. Even during the busiest travel period, they can locate a hotel that meets your needs. Additionally, they will assist you in obtaining hiking permits and registering at access points.

  • Supporting the neighborhood economy

Tour guides are locals who rely on the tourism sector for their livelihood. You will assist a person and their family in making a life by hiring a guide. While you are enjoying your travels, someone else is content with a job that provides for their entire family. You are enabling these porters and guides to improve their financial situation.


What is the cost of hiring a private guide?

Hiring a private guide from Lukla and a porter for the Everest base camp trip is a far better choice. Hiring a trekking guide and porter from Lukla has many advantages. There is no need to pay for a guide's airfare because the guide is a native and is familiar with every turn of the road.


Nepal offers affordable guide services compared to other places in the world. An Everest Base Camp hike guide can be hired for about $30 and $35 per day. Porters are between $20 and $30 per day. While porter or guides will run you between $30 and $35 per day.

The expenses comprise:

  • Daily pay for tour operators and porters

  • Guide and porter insurance

  • supper and lodging

  • any travel expenses, including airfare within the country (if necessary)

  • related fees and taxes imposed by the government


The above price is exclusive of Tips for porters and guides. 

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Is it mandatory to hire a guide?


No, to put it briefly, there is no need for a guide. As there are many rigours that go hand in hand with the pleasures of trekking in Nepal, many people discover that they are unprepared for the obstacles and lack homework.


Up to eight hours of climbing each day at altitudes well above 4,000 meters is a regular day (FYI there are 3.3 ft. per meter). The views, sounds, scents, and experiences are as spectacular as any best trek to get a true feel of what this walk is like for the body and mind.



Although trekking alone in the Everest region is possible, we strongly advise hiring a certified guide for various reasons. The best approaches are used to guarantee your comfort, safety, and adventures. The EBC trekking trail may provide difficulties, but your guides are your actual saviors and compass. Therefore, hiring a guide, porter, or porter-guide is preferable to stay safe while on the journey.

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