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How much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

  Written by : Swotah travel

   Oct 13, 2022


How much does Everest Base Camp Trek Cost?

If you've made the decision to embark on the most well-liked Everest Base Camp Trek. Or perhaps you should finally cross the expedition off your bucket list. The dream of climbing to the world’s highest peak base camp comes with some cost, and sometimes with a greater cost too. Hence, the trek price would range from $1100 to $4500, depending on the route, the guides, and the tour operators.


An overview of EBC Trek:

Trek to Everest Base Camp, or EBC, is One of the world’s best and most well-known treks. You will see breathtaking mountain views, have a peek at the Sherpa people, explore Sagarmatha National Park, and stop by high-altitude Buddhist monasteries during our 14-day Everest Base Camp Trek.


The Everest Base Camp Trek offers a great glimpse into Tibetan culture at a high altitude, as well as stunning views of rhododendron forests and the Himalayas, including the tallest mountain in the world, Mt. Everest. Many of us would adore the opportunity to stand 8,848 meters above sea level on Mount Everest in an ideal world.


The breathtaking journey begins at Lukla (2840 meters) after arriving in Kathmandu. It continues to Phakding (2610 meters), Namche Bazar (3440 meters), Phortse Village (3810 meters), Dingboche (4260 meters), Duglha (4620 meters), Lobuche (4190 meters), Gorakshep (5140 meters), Kalapatthar (5545 meters), and Mt. Everest base camp (5364m).


Realistically, most of us won't be able to accomplish this! However, if you have good physical condition and a strong will to succeed, you can reach Everest Base Camp! And if you ask me, Kalapatthar offers the most breathtaking Everest views you can see without spending weeks slogging up to the summit.

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Why is the EBC Trek so costly?

The cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek is affected by the route, travel company, service, and several other elements. In essence, a cost estimate can be made based on trekkers' choices. According to my study, the cost of the Everest trek would range from $1100 to $4500. You may learn how to calculate the cost of the Everest Base Camp Trek from this blog. This is the typical starting price to budget for when undertaking the trek in the various ways covered in this article.


So, if you've decided to embark on the most well-liked Everest Base Camp Trek. Or perhaps you should finally cross the expedition off your bucket list. You had fantasized about and prepared for this expedition to the base camp of the world's highest mountain, then you must inherit some information beforehand. 


Nevertheless, the Everest Base Camp trek is quite a bit more expensive than other well-known hiking routes in Nepal, like the Annapurna Circuit or the Annapurna Base Camp trek, because of pricey transportation (a round-trip flight from Kathmandu to Lukla).


First, many aspects might affect your price. It’s crucial to remember the following:

  • How many days are you planning to trek? - EBC might range from 12 to 15 days. 

  • What time of year do you intend to travel? Peak season costs more than off-peak.

  • Where do you purchase the trek? Travel agent, online group travel agent, local guide, and in-country guide. 

  • What kind of trek are you looking to go on? All-inclusive, merely a guide, or on your own?


Food and Accommodation:

Your only lodging options along the EBC Trek route will likely be teahouses. Nepal's modest, nice, and comfortable teahouse accommodation is made especially for travelers. Most of the rooms are modest. Low-rise beds with foam mattress toppers, plastered or wood-paneled walls, and, for the most part, just one window is all that can be found in them.


While some teahouses have central burners lit at night, others have in-room heaters. While most hotels only offer cold showers, some hotels offer hot ones. Although it might be at a fee, electrical charging is present almost everywhere.

At Everest Base Camp, food can cost anywhere between $5 and $15 USD. As a result, it will cost you $40 to $50 USD daily for food. But if you want to enjoy upscale dining while on the Everest Base Camp trek, a single meal at one of the upscale hotels in Lukla, Phakding, or Namche would set you back at about USD $35. Water and hot beverages, however, are a tad pricey in this area. A cup of hot beverages can cost up to NPR 100-350.

Food cost at EBC trek

Accommodations for the Everest Base Camp Trek range from five-star hotels to teahouses. And each of them falls into the moderate to premium category. You can select whichever you like, between a low price of USD $5 and a maximum price of USD $250.

You will have three meals daily throughout the day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Tea houses and lodges both offer dining options. Any meal is available for selection from the menu.


Pro Tips for Food:

Noodles, soups, stews, and other soupy meals are advised since they are suitable for high elevations. You make no concessions about the meals at any point during your Everest Base Camp Trek. A wide range of alternatives is available, including typical Nepali fare like dal-bhat, soups, snacks, momos, and fried rice as well as Chinese and western fare, including noodles, spaghetti, spring rolls, and steak. 

You should eat more carbs (energy bars, rice, pasta, dry fruits, wheat foods, etc.), drink for hydration (at least 4 liters of liquid is advised every day), consume soups with garlic (garlic will prevent you from altitude sickness) and must avoid alcohol and caffeine (caffeine and alcohol will make you dehydrated and may create the risk of altitude sickness).


Choosing the best Guide Options for EBC Trek:


The major determinant of your expedition's cost will be the crew you select and the way you trek. You have three options for your Himalayan adventure: book a package tour through an agency, where everything is planned out for you; hire your crew, including a guide and porters if needed; or go on the trek by yourself. No matter which direction you choose to trek, the food and facilities along the way will be relatively similar because, in most settlements, everyone lodges in and eats at the identical tea houses.

  •  Do-It-yourself

If you want to take everything on your shoulder. You can opt for managing everything on your own from the start to the end of this trek. Organizing the tickets for the flight, bus, or jeep from Kathmandu to Lukla is the only tricky part of doing it yourself. There is no need to make reservations because everyone stays in the same small "towns" with numerous tea places.

  • Hiring A Local Guide

A local guide and porter will ask for less money than a package trip while going on a trek. In Kathmandu, it is simple to find porters and guides; simply visit any local agency, and they will help you organize people for your needs.

  •  Go For a Local Agency

If you are traveling alone, and unsure about your capability to complete the trek without help, or don't feel like spending hours organizing your Everest Base Camp trek itinerary, taking an organized tour through an agency is a smart alternative. Though much more expensive, it is a simpler and safer alternative.


And, for that reason, it is wise to choose a local agency instead of an international agency. The benefit of choosing a local agency is that all proceeds benefit the neighborhood. You'll get to see your guide before the trek, whether in person or virtually, building trust from the very start. The guide makes all of your airline arrangements and obtains the necessary licenses. You can talk about the route, the kind of accommodations you want, and any dietary restrictions you may have. They frequently come with stuff like sleeping bags or trekking poles.


Numerous hotels have their travel agents, and the costs are comparable to those of local agencies. Ask at your accommodation and several agencies as you roam the area. It's ideal to spend a few days in a hotel, utilize their reliable guides and services, and then check out.




A mid-range tour includes two nights at a mid-range hotel in Lukla, round-trip transportation from Kathmandu to Lukla, a guide, a porter, lodging, and meals. It may cost you around $1300- $2000. 


The premium packages include luxury lodging in Kathmandu, Lukla, Namche Bazaar, and Teng Boche, as well as more expensive meals. However, I believe the rest of your tour will be relatively similar because the tea houses in the other villages are just as comfortable for sleeping and eating. It is also important to note that if more people travel on these package trips, the cost decreases slightly. The cost of premium packages may range from US$ 3000 to US$ 4500.  


The local operator is one of the travel agencies headquartered in Nepal. Hundreds of trekking firms in Nepal offer a conventional 12-15 day Everest Base Camp Trek route.

Local operators are privately owned, legally registered travel agencies with offices in Kathmandu or other regions of Nepal. They run all of the treks in Nepal, maintain a major office in Nepal (mainly in Kathmandu), and employ local guides full-time. Nothing is outsourced to them; everything is done in-house.



The Everest Base Camp Trek must be accomplished at least once in a lifetime. The price of an EBC Trek can range from $1000 to $4500. The typical or budget-friendly trek is reasonably priced, but the luxurious trek is significantly more. But that also offers luxurious choices. You can take an individual trip to Everest Base Camp if you like to travel on your own. Or, for convenience, you might pay a guide and porter.


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