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Why One Must Travel Nepal Before it Explodes with Tourists

  Written by : Swotah travel

   Sep 13, 2022


Why One Must Travel Nepal Before it Explodes with Tourists

“You should have been here 10 years ago.”  Has anyone said that to you on your travels?  Well, I am guilty of saying it many times.  And in regard to many different places and countries.  And, yeah, I’m that old that I can now say, “You should have been here 30 years ago.”


So don’t miss out on visiting Nepal before it becomes over-run with tourists like, for example, Venice (a friend’s FB page this week showed their trip to Venice as being one long battle with other tourists), or like Bangkok.  Although I must admit Bangkok is better now that it was 30 years ago (less pollution, sky train)!  But you aren’t planning to come to Nepal for big shopping malls or easy transport.  You are, I am guessing, coming to Nepal for the mountains, nature and wildlife.


However, like the world over, nature is losing its battle among the rising human population.  We are encroaching into animal territory and climate change is taking its toll.  So now is the time to visit Nepal while there is still relatively less tourists (pre-covid approx. 1 million annually compared to approx. 6 million annual visitors to the small island of Bali). And while the landscape in the mountain areas is still pristine.

Tik Tok

We know that social media promotes many things, including “must visit” destinations.  I guess we should be grateful that many influencers prefer beach and city life to hiking up mountains!  Those influences who do come to Nepal (i.e., Madina Ash) are those who are seeking something a bit different, and not just wanting to show off the latest fashion trends. 

Of course, most of the visitors to Nepal are trekkers or mountaineers, who are more limited in numbers than those who seek a good beach or all inclusive luxury resort.


And there are those in between.  You don’t need to be a climber or super fit trekker to come to Nepal.  Nepal has something for every age and ability. 

So why are we saying come now before it explodes with tourists?  Unfortunately, that is the way the world is going – population explosion and as more countries become more affluent, more folks can afford to travel.


Why Come to Nepal

If you Google, you will see that Nepal is a beautiful country with friendly people.  That is certainly true!  Nepal offers adventures such as trekking, white water rafting, jungle safari, and climbing.  It can also offer culture experiences ranging from Hindu temples and Buddhist monasteries to meditation and yoga.  It also offers five star accommodation right through to homestays and teahouse lodges.  Something for everyone.

The most popular thing to do here is trekking and that is what most visitors come for.  And yet there is so much more to see and do: things to do in Pokhara and must sees in Kathmandu.  And so very much more! And yes, it is safe to travel in Nepal

And sure, you want to interact and compare notes in the evening with other tourists but isn’t it nicer to have a bit more space to yourself.  A bit more time to talk with locals and a bit more room to take those wonderful photographs?

So, what are you waiting for? This is perhaps the best time to travel to Nepal. Come on over and later you can be the one who says “you should have been here 10 years ago”.

In case you are unsure if Nepal is for you, take a look at some of these top things to do in Nepal.

Adventure activities: 

    • Rock climbing

    • Paragliding

    • Bungy jumping

    • Zip lining

    • White water rafting

    • Jungle safari

    • Trekking – ranging from day hikes to weeks on the trail

    • Learning or developing your climbing skills on climbing peaks

    • Helicopter tours 

    • Mountain flights

Spiritual activities:

    • Pujas at Muktinath

    • Holy dip at Gosainkunda Lake

    • Aarati at Pushupatinath 

    • Kora at Boudha Stupa

    • Meditation at Kopan Monastery 

    • Yoga retreats

Cultural activities:

    • Visit Lumbini, birth place of Buddha

    • Experiencing the stick dances of the local Tharu tribe in Chitwan National Park 

    • Meeting the Sherpa and Tamang communities on your trek

    • Living in homestay accommodation to get the feel of village life

    • Attending festivals in Janakpur, wedding venue of the Gods Ram and Sita

    • Visiting historic sites such as Bhaktapur and Patan Durbar Squares

Fun activities:

    • Experiencing local cuisine 

    • Learning to make momos 

    • Watching artisans at work

    • Watching the sun come up at Nagarkot or Sarangkot

    • Boating on Fewa Lake at Pokhara

    • Enjoying a massage in a local (or 5 star) spa

    • Dancing the night away in Thamel or Lakeside

    • Listening to local musicians – from traditional to rock

    • Shopping for ethnic souvenirs

    • Easy walking tours


    • Most popular:

      • Everest Base Camp 

      • Annapurna Circuit 

      • Annapurna Base Camp

    • Family treks:

    • Poon Hill

    • Jomson Trek

    • Hikes around Kathmandu Valley

    • Up-coming treks:

    • Upper Mustang 

    • Mardi Himal Trek

    • Pikey Peak

    • Everest Three Passes 

    • Limi Valley

    • Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek

These lists are not exhaustive, and there is mountaineering and peak climbing as well!  

See you in Nepal! 


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