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  Written by : Kanti Khadka

   Jul 12, 2019



Looking for adventure activities in Nepal? Be it skydiving or rock climbing. This tiny landlocked country has it all. 

Nepal caters to every type of adventure seekers whether you want hardcore adrenaline-pumping adventure or just enjoy some thrilling activities, it is all available. It is truly the country for thrill-seekers. The majestic mountains, swift-flowing rivers and narrow pathway leading to dense forests this provides information on what Nepal truly is - A paradise.

From conquering the highest of summits to covering the deep rivers and gorges, these activities in Nepal test your physical and mental limits. They lighten up your mental burdens and freshen up your senses and develop a sense of adventure and achievement. Adventure activities below are perfect for the wild soul looking for delightful adventures.

So get up, check these adventure activities below and book your trips right away to experience all these adventures in Nepal.

Everest Skydive

Sky-dive on the Everest

What is more thrilling than flying above the top of the world just to jump midair over the Everest. Everest skydiving is the most extreme, courageous, and thrilling experience one could ever attain. 

In Nepal, adventurers can jump from the astounding height of  29,500 ft to experience the breathtaking view of Mount Everest, bone-chilling height and extreme freefall. 

The best part is you can do it in pairs also!! With that, it gives you an opportunity to strengthen your bond and share this thrilling adventure with your loved one.

Where you can do it: 200 km west from Kathmandu in Pokhara.


Skiing in Muktinath

Astounding as it sounds. Heli-skiing in Nepal is a once in a lifetime experience which provides you with an opportunity to ski on the world’s biggest, highest & most outrageous Mountain-range of the World. 

A helicopter will drop you off at 5300 meters from the sea level and ski down to 3300 meters. Occasionally, if you are lucky you will get to start from 5500 meters down to 2200 meters. The adventure begins as you make your own tracks through lush forests on your way down. 

Where you can do it:  Everest region, Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Makalu, Cho Oyu, Kangchenjunga, and the Dolpo region.

Waterfall Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Everest

Waterfall Ice climbing in Nepal- an experience like no other. Amazing mountain views, spectacular climbing conditions, and frozen waterfalls. Push your limits by battling extreme altitudes and conquering the toughest ice falls. 

Waterfalls in Nepal freeze at the mountain region marking it the perfect time to climb the frozen springs.

Where you can do it:The main areas to ice climb are Langtang Valley, Annapurna Sanctuary, and Thame, Khumbu Bijuli Power House. 

White water rafting

White Water rafting

If freefalling and climbing does not give you the adrenaline rush maybe you should look for some extreme water splashing, twisting and turning rafting sport.

The rivers of Nepal are known for their rapids, and for being the world’s best destination for whitewater rafting. The rivers flowing down from the Snow-capped mountains provides the best rapids with many twists and turns ensuring you a thrilling experience. Surfing across the big boulders and sloppy riversides, you will enjoy brief dips in the cool rivers. Bhote Koshi river, Trisuli River, and Seti River are most popular for rafting.

Where you can do it:  Bhote Koshi river, Trisuli River, and Seti River

Bungee jumping and canyon swing

Bunjee jumping in Nepal Last Resort

Imagine the two most thrilling experiences in one day. Bungee, free-falling from a height and diving straight into the cascading waters hundreds of meters below. Truly an endearing adventure activity.

Jumping off a tropical gorge at 106 meters over one of the wildest rivers, Bhote Koshi, gushing below adds to the rush of adrenaline. To make your day adventurous, you can combine this jump with trekking through the mountains or with the world’s highest canyon swing. 

Where you can do it: Kathmandu most tours will pick you up from your accommodation.

Mountain Flight

Mountain Flight

Unable to trek up Mount Everest because you are short on time or simply not interested. If your answer is yes then this particular adventure is for you. An Everest mountain flight (airplane or helicopter) offers the summit views just a few feet above.

Sit back, relax and comfortably enjoy the miles of snow peaks whilst flying close to the astounding views of pristine mastiffs of rock and ice. 

Where you can do it: Departure takes place from Kathmandu and where you fly to the remote corners of the Himalaya.


Parahawking in Nepal

Parahawking is essentially paragliding with falconry. Designed to advance the interaction between man and bird, parahawking combines paragliding with flying with actual birds of prey! 

Falconry techniques always involve rewards, so during the flight, the passenger continuously place small chunks of meat onto their hand for the bird to refuel. The perfect blend of adventure, eco-tourism, and conservation, this experience helps you interact with birds of prey in their own environment whilst experiencing the journey into the Himalaya from the sky.

Where you can it:  Pokhara.

Zip flyer

Zip Flyer

Zipline is popular in many places around the world, while Nepal is famous for its steepest, longest, and fastest zip line in the world. Talking about covering your bases! High Ground Adventures offers a zip line which measures 1,800 meters long, has a 2,000-foot vertical drop, and goes up to 120 kilometers per hour.

The best part of the zip-flyer is take-off. You sit near the door while seated in your harness, and count down from five begins. As the door swings open, you go flying down a steep hill, so steep you can’t see the ground you’re headed towards. On a clear day, the magnificent views of Annapurna are almost as breathtaking as the wind on your face.

Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking in Nepal

Those challenging their physical limits, try out the mountain biking in Nepal. Full of diverse terrain, you have plenty of biking options whether on a clean graveled road or bumpy, rough trails. Several bike routes are present in different cities ranging from easy to difficult levels. It's up to you to choose a general trail or make your own.

Cycling through valleys, from rivers to steep hills and rough-dry mountains, mountain biking is a much satisfying activity blending natural beauty with the testing of the fine line between physical mental limits to give you a tiring yet refreshing adventure.

Take on these adventure activities and make your journey awesome.

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